What can the Neutrino headband do for you?

Neutrino headbands have been treated with String Energy and therefore have a calming effect on children and adults. It is a practical instrument for the quick and effective treatment of various symptoms. This does not require any special effort or no change in lifestyle. The Neutrino headband can be used at home on the sofa, on the train, in the office, at the library or wherever you prefer.

Advantages of the Neutrino headband:

  • Quick results: experience the difference within 15 minutes!
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy to use
  • 100% natural
  • Does not require maintenance

Select your Neutrino headband:

Neutrino stress reduction headband

Neutrino stress reduction headband

Racing thoughts, a busy mind, sleepless nights… this feeling of having to do so much is so little time: pretty much everyone recognises this feeling. Stringenergy’s Neutrino stress and burnout headband helps you unwind in a natural and effective way. Within minutes of wearing the headband you will feel the tension and stress disappear.

Neutrino relaxation headband

Neutrino relaxation headband

For many people, reaching a total state of relaxation is tricky as it can be difficult to empty your mind. Stringenergy’s Neutrino relaxation headband helps you find inner peace by reaching a state of total relaxation. This makes the Neutrino relaxation headband perfect tool to help you relax on the sofa after a hard day at work or at school. It is also very suitable for use during meditation, yoga and other types of relaxation exercises.

Neutrino ADHD headband

Neutrino ADHD headband

The ADHD syndrome (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) occurs in both children and adults. Adults with ADHD often manage to find ways to deal with these symptoms. Children with ADHD, however, often show signs of hyperactivity, may be easily distracted and impulsive. Stringenergy has managed to identify a frequency that has a calming effect on children and adults who suffer from ADHD-related symptoms. Wearing the ADHD headband also contributes to the ability to concentrate.

Neutrino awareness headband

Neutrino awareness headband

The Neutrino alertness headband helps you improve your focus and concentration; at work, while studying, playing games, or during other activities that require optimal concentration.

Niels uit Raalte

Niels from Raalte

”He enjoys playing outside with friends again!” says Niels’ mum.
Niels has been using the ADHD headband for a few months now. The headband reduces his ADHD symptoms by supporting the self-healing properties of his body. Niels wears the headband during breakfast and dinner.

Sonja uit Amsterdam

”The relaxation headband offers instant relaxation after a busy day”
says Sonya from Amsterdam.
wears the headband regularly while watching TV or reading a magazine on the sofa.

How to use

  • The Neutrino headbands do not require maintenance or any type of external power supply.
  • Best results are obtained when wearing the headband at least 20 minutes a day. This is the case for all types of headbands.
  • There are no known side effects from using the Neutrino headbands and it is safe to use the headbands while taking medication.
  • The Neutrino headbands are made of 100% natural materials and do not contain chemicals.
  • The Neutrino headbands will remain effective for at least one year.