Symptoms of RLS

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), also known as periodic limb movements, are no fun. RLS is characterised by unpleasant sensations in the legs. Some patients describe this as a tickling sensation, which is often accompanied by an irresistible urge to move the legs. These sensations mainly occur in a state of rest, and can have a serious impact on normal sleep patterns and the overall well-being of the patient.

Treatment of restless legs

Currently there is no officially approved medication that are meant specifically for the treatment of restless legs. Most RLS patients are therefore prescribed drugs that are intended for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. The disadvantage of such medication is that they can have unpleasant side effects, such as drowsiness and disorientation. Moreover, these drugs are often not effective in the treatment of RLS.

RLS socks for the treatment of restless legs

Stringenergy’s RLS socks offer a natural and effective solution for the treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome. The socks have been treated with String Energy and hence promote the normal transmission of signals between nerve cells. You will notice an improvement in your symptoms within 10 minutes of wearing the socks.

RLS socks ease your symptoms quickly & efficiently!

RLS socks:

  • Ease RLS symptoms quickly and efficiently.
  • Promote sleep.
  • Are 100% natural.
  • Are seamless and therefore suitable for sensitive feet.

Care instructions

  • RLS socks should not come into contact with non-natural materials (e.g. carpet made from synthetic material).
  • Preferably only wear the socks in bed or on the sofa.
  • Wash the socks by hand only in cold or lukewarm water (preferably without any detergent).
  • Do not let the socks soak in water.