Effective and Natural Treatments for Restless Legs (RLS),
Pain and Stress-related Symptoms

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Welcome to Stringenergy. Here you’ll find the original RLS socks: an effective and 100% natural treatment for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Stringenergy also offers innovative products to reduce foot pain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as stress-related symptoms.
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Stringenergy RLS socks

RLS socks

Suffering from restless legs? The Stringenergy RLS socks provide instant relief and promote sleep. Read more >

Pain Relief socks

Pain Relief socks help relieve foot pain by reducing the transmission of pain signals between nerve cells. Read more >

Stringenergy Neutrino head band

Neutrino headbands

Neutrino headbands provide an effective treatment of stress-related symptoms, insomnia and allergies. Road more >

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Stringenergy Harmony Earthing Mat

Harmony earthing sheets

Experience the balancing energy of the Stringenergy earthing sheet. Road more >

Stringenergy Harmony sjaal

Harmony scarves

Quick and effective relief for neck and shoulder pain. Road more >

“The ‘String Theory’ offers entirely new perspectives for the treatment of restless legs, stress-related symptoms and pain.”

“Frequencies seem to hold the key in the successful treatment of physical symptoms.”

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RLS sokken voor de behandeling van restless legs
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