String Energy takes its name from the term “vibration technology”. All String Energy products are based on this technology. Certain vibration frequencies have a soothing effect on the cells in our body because they stimulate self-healing properties. After many years of research the String Energy research team has succeeded in identifying the vibrational frequencies that promote this self-healing process.

These frequencies are then transferred to a natural material (for example leather, cotton, stainless steel or aluminum) for medical and industrial applications. Several research institutes have shown that the technology is effective and offers a solution to problems where conventional medicine and commercial organisations are not able to help.

In the video below, Dr. James Oschman explains vibration technology and its application in the treatment of physical symptoms.

In this TED Talk, string theorist Brian Greene explains in clear, nontechnical language, how our understanding of the universe has evolved from Einstein’s notions of gravity and space-time to the superstring theory. This is the science used by Stringenergy for the treatment of physical ailments such as RLS, pain and stress related issues.